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Resources for Website Owners

Thanks for stopping by the resources page. I plan on updating this page frequently, based on tools I’ve used that I’ve found helpful. The resources listed here are products that I’ve personally used and can vouch for.

Here’s the required legal jargon:

Some of the sources or products listed here contain an affiliate link. That means that if you purchase through my link, I’ll get a small commission. Here’s the cool thing: It doesn’t change what you pay! It’s the same price for you whether you click my link or not, but if you do, just know that the company whose link I share will pay me a tip.

Web Hosting

Hostgator is the service that provides hosting for this website. The cool thing about HostGator is the one-click WordPress installation that comes with every hosting package. If you plan on running more than one website, like I do, I recommend you go with the Baby Package. It’s super affordable and you can host a number of sites with just one tiny monthly bill.

One more great thing about Hostgator is their customer support. This was especially important for me—a true non-techy.

Hostgator Web Hosting

Simple Solution for Web Hosting

Another Great Hosting Platform-WP Engine

I just found this WordPress Hosting and so-far….I LOVE IT. Incredible customer support and super-fast load times. Google tell us that page load speed is an important ranking factors when they decide who goes on page 1.

You want to be on page one of Google don’t ya?

You can take a free ride right below. Simply put the url of your webpage, and WP Engine will test your site for speed. Check it out!

WordPress Speed Test

Point & Shoot Website Builder

I’ve recently built three client sites using the Weebly website builder. If you talk to some of the “older” internet geeks and bloggers, they might tend to be a bit snobbish about non-Wordpress websites. I think there was a time for that, but those days are long gone. Building a website on Weebly is by far the easiest way to get a professional looking website up and running in just a few minutes.

Weekly templates are responsive designs, so they automatically resize to suit the device they are being viewed on. So, your website looks and functions great on a huge Mac screen, on a laptop, iPad, notebook or your cell phone. And, guess what? Google loves responsive designs. In fact, they are going to start giving out Google slaps to sites that aren’t mobile responsive.

The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at!